18 January, 2011

The Duchess Considers . . .

The Golden Globes; "Another Year"; and Hatfield's

There weren't a lot of looks at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards that rocked the Duchess's boat.  The award for Most Spectacularly Put Together goes to Emma Stone for her turn in a salmon colored crepe Calvin Klein, featuring perfect hair, skin and makeup.  Mwah!  And though we debated what Ms. Portman would be wearing she did surprise us in a filmy Viktor & Rolf -- which the Duchess rather liked.  Finally the Duchess gives the Best Dressed Supporting Actress award to Anne Hathaway in bronze Armani Prive.  The Countess didn't like this one; but what's not to like? 

                                                          Emma Stone in Calvin Klein

                                                            Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf

                              Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive

It was unfortunate that the Mike Leigh film "Another Year" did not garner much attention among Globes-viewing audiences.  "Another Year" is splendid, and still playing at an Arclight near you!  It presents a view into one year in the life of happily married couple Tom and Gerri, around whom the lives of their close friends and family members seem generally to fall apart (or to have fallen apart years ago, and not to have been repaired).  "Another Year' is brought to life by the soulful performances of Jim Broadbent (as Tom), Ruth Sheen (as Gerri), and especially Lesley Manville as Gerri's co-worker and friend, Mary (a role for which Ms. Manville won the National Board of Review's award for best actress). 

                                                    Jim Broadbent ("Tom") and Ruth Sheen ("Gerri")

                                                                                  Lesley Manville ("Mary")

The week-end's dining roundup:  Saturday night aperitif at Craig's (on Melrose) and dinner at Hatfield's (on Melrose).  Craig's is the new incarnation of the Melrose Bar & Grill space just west of Robertson, opposite Maxfield.  Its namesake is Craig Susser, the former maitre d' of Dan Tana's, who has renovated the old loft-like space into a cozy, clubby new bar and restaurant fit to become the next Morton's.  Craig himself is there to check on each and every one of you walking through the door to make certain that your meal fits you to a tee. 

And what to be said for Hatfield's, with its delectably cooked dishes, respectively reasonable prices, and elegant new(-ish) space?  Well, it feels a little dull but it tastes amazing.  The best food in town?  The Duchess would put her money on it; in fact, she already spent it all at Hatfield's. 



Craig’s, 8826 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood (310-276-1900)
Hatfield's, 6703 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles (323-935-2977)

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