21 January, 2011

The Duchess Depressed.

Sadly, last night concluded the premiere season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".  There are no words to describe the extreme abandonment this finale causes cable television.  If you watch the show, you understand from whence the Duchess comes.  If you don't, well, there is no enlightening to be done here; you simply must watch the show.  Its magnetism immediately will be obvious.

Last night's episode brought the brewing feud between Kyle Richards, the youngest of the fabled Beverly Hills Richards sisters (eldest is sister Kathy, married name Hilton), and her sister Kim to a head.  Kyle -- the domineering, brutally honest but supportive backbone of friends and family -- finally gave it to Kim; after a season's worth of snarkiness and bickering, she finally called her an alcoholic in front of God and country. 

Kyle Richards in the "limo" scene

Poor Kim.

The gut-wrenching hurl was only the culmination of an epic battle waged above the twinkling lights of (at least part of) Beverly Hills atop the Raffles L'Ermitage (remember, free valet!) at a huge party thrown for fellow Housewife Taylor Armstrong (you really should click on that link) by her sexy and adoring husband Russell.  Along with close friends Faye Resnick and Martin Genis, Taylor and her husband were ready to rock the night away . . . until, of course, Kim arrived at their (did I mention huge?) party.   

Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong

That's because Taylor decided once and for all that she had to get something off her chest, and that something was her beef with Kim.  She marched right over to Kim and let her know that the Housewives' in-fighting was indeed all Kim's fault, and actually had nothing to do with Taylor.  Taylor is of course innocent on all counts of stirring the pot between Kyle (her new BFF) and Camille Grammer (more on her later), contrary to what the regal Lisa VanderPump might think.   

Because it is obvious that Lisa only wants to bring Taylor down because she is jealous of Taylor's intimacy with Kyle.  Right?  

Voice-of-reason, the eminent Adrienne Maloof, stepped into the fray in an effort to calm the angry sisters, and Taylor, and Lisa, down.  But to no avail. 

Meanwhile in Malibu . . . Camille Grammer and best friend D.D. drank white wine and commiserated over the end of Camille's marriage to Kelsey Grammer, her husband and confidante of thirteen seemingly endless years.  Now Kelsey's run off with a younger woman with blonde hair and a questionable profession; what's gotten into him???  Those Broadway lights must have tarnished his judgment. 

Heavy sigh.  The Duchess can hardly wait for season two. 


  1. love the commentary..looks like I need to catch up on some reruns

  2. The last episode was so sad. Looking forward to the reunion specials and hearing what happened with Cedric. I think you can tell I exclusively watch Bravo, much to my husband's chagrin!



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