03 January, 2011

The Duchess Rings In . . .

New Year, New You.  New Duchess, anyway.  Some of her "resolutions" she's keeping to herself, but one commitment -- yes, the same commitment she makes every year, and struggles to keep (ex-boyfriends, keep your smirks about her ability to commit to yourself, and re-read the part about the "New Duchess") -- is available for public consideration:  quite simply, to hit the gym more often.  Now, not one but two gym memberships should ease the path for this resolution's success, but donning the same tattered "Pomfret Squash" tee-shirt filched from the college dormitory say, what? yes, about ten years ago now (go Duke) is no sartorial achievement.  Time to put those gift receipts to good use!

First step, a few new wardrobe additions: 
Yogi Dance Jacket from Lululemon

Zella's Ava cap sleeve tee, at Nordstrom

Zella's 'Coziest' Hoodie at Nordstrom (love this, so comfortable and warm for those 6 AM starbucks jaunts)
Splendid's Jersey Top at Net-A-Porter

The Fluid Trainer from Adidas
High-waist jersey leggings from American Apparel

A luxurious new tote bag in which to cart it all around?  A girl can dream . . .

Daim Alphabet Tote by Balenciaga, at Barneys

Lanvin's Faubourg Cabas Tote, at Net-A-Porter

The operation's critical element?  The Kindle 3G, from Amazon (thanks, Dad!):  

Or, if you're one of those kind of people . . . 

And for sinfully enjoyable aggro background music:  

If only we could ditch the wine habit and those delicious gougeres . . . .

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