10 February, 2011

The Duchess Admires . . .

Anita Pallenberg  

Last week the Duchess acknowledged Amanda Brooks's move to Barneys as their new director of women's fashion.  Amanda has a fabulous blog, I Love Your Style, based on the theme of her book by the same name:  cultivating one's personal style.  Amanda identifies certain style icons as the zenith of glamour and cool.  Who more exemplifies glamour and cool than Anita Pallenberg?  Ms. Brooks profiled her in her penultimate blog posting (she's retiring from blogging independently to focus exclusively on the Barneys engagement).  Surely Ms. Pallenberg needs no introduction (well-educated rock goddess/actress/model/mother/DJ/paramour to not one (Brian Jones), not two (Keith Richards), but three (Mick Jagger) of the Rolling Stones).  Without further ado, the fabulous Anita:   

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