18 February, 2011

The Duchess Week-ends.

Thank God.  It's finally here.  Though the Duchess always promises herself she'll rest up a bit, that never seems to happen.  Perhaps the impending Los Angeles downpour will limit her mobility, just enough to recuperate from what so far has been a very hectic month! 

Thomas Jayne's talk last night at Rose Tarlow really was fantastic.  The concept of a "fine" room is a captivating one, and though (of course) there is some element of the subjective to what makes a room fine, it's not all relative.  It may be difficult to articulate the boundaries of that aesthetic threshold into the lovely, or even the exceptional, but the Duchess thinks we know it when we see it (like that other thing).  Don't you? 

Mr. Jayne's style tends to the traditional, despite his Palisades upbringing; the Duchess wonders whether he would love this modern apartment decorated (and owned) by Jeff Lincoln (published today at NYSD House) as much as she does. 

Great photographs by Jeffrey Hirsch for NYSD. 

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