11 February, 2011

May the Duchess Suggest . . .

Transport Studio

Oops, the Duchess almost forgot.  Almost!  But she needs to remind you that Transport Studio (the brain child of New Orleans super-talented artists Amanda Stone Talley and Hayley Gaberlavage) is hosting its second three day sale this weekend.  Transport Studio gives new and established collectors the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork at a slightly reduced price (tantalizing!) -- and just in time for Valentine's Day.  This sale also features jewelry created by New Orleans's Gogo Borgerding (of Gogo Jewelry) and some pieces from Bremermann Designs, curated by decorating impresario Gerrie Bremermann.  Much fun!

Hayley Gaberlavage, "Melon Heads"

Hayley Gaberlavage, "Psyche"

A work by Amanda Talley

Amanda Talley's "Tortoise" (LOVE this)

Gogo Jewelry

Gorgeous Louis XV style Fauteuils by Gerrie Bremermann

Photos do not necessarily represent exact pieces being sold by Transport Studio, but do represent the works or curations of the artists being featured there.  

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