19 February, 2011

May the Duchess Suggest . . .

Honor Fraser.  Blum & Poe.

Tonight Honor Fraser and Blum & Poe open new exhibitions by William Lamson and Sam Durant, respectively.  Lamson's work, "A Line Describing the Sun", is a two channel video shot mostly in the Mojave Desert, where Lamson spent a day following the path of the sun with a camera attached to a rolling apparatus.  The camera lens focuses the sun's energy into a 1,600 degree point of light, melting the lake bed's floor.  

Blum & Poe shows the work of Sam Durant in an exhibition entitled "Laissez faire et laissez passer, le monde va de lui même", which is a series of globes and maps that implicate the sociopolitical impact of cartography. 

Video stills and prints from "A Line Describing the Sun" via Honor Fraser, property of William Lamson.

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