18 March, 2011

The Duchess Attends . . .

Steve Roden, Susanne Vielmetter

Susanne Vielmetter opened exhibits of new work by Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Steve Roden and Olga Koumoundouros last night at her gallery in Culver City.  With its expansive array of interlocking rooms, the gallery has potential to produce simultaneous openings for multiple artists with impact and cohesiveness.  In the Duchess's estimation last night's shows didn't produce much of either.  Mr. Roden's works were graphic and vibrantly colored, but they felt disoriented, disjointed and somewhat jarring in the space.  Juxtaposed with Ms. Koumoundouros's pieces, what strength they had was even further diluted.  The Duchess just didn't get it.  But go see for yourselves, readers, and let her know your thoughts.  (Stop in for a bite at Brunello Trattoria across the street, the ricotta cheesecake is to die for.)

Steve Roden, "from stone to sound (fingers, birds and foldings)", 2010

Steve Roden, "aggregate (veils)", 2010

Susanne Vielmetter
6006 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California

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