28 March, 2011

The Duchess Dines . . .

8752 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California  90069

What a blast we had on Saturday at Eveleigh.  Named for a city in New South Wales and run by Aussie restauranteurs Nick Mathers, Lincoln Pilcher and Nick Hatsatouris, Eveleigh is the hot (relatively) new place for a bite (of food) down on the Sunset Strip.  Not that it faces that much neighborhood competition; Il Sole is still very "date night" and Boa is simply a bit too far.  Eveleigh remains somewhat obscure even months after its opening because it is actually obscured; impossible to notice when driving down Sunset (especially at night), it took a u-turn and some cursing to locate its valet stand.

But notice it we eventually did, and how!  The place was hopping like a Mumford & Sons set to the fashion crowd (think beards and slit skirted long legs, not necessarily on the same person).  Clientele aesthetics aside, the food was good -- try the crudo, and the chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich (the Duchess's personal favorites), the service was attentive but not overbearing, and the prices ($5.50 for valet) were lower than those in the Boa stratosphere.  An overall enjoy.  The Duchess anticipates warmer weather and a slightly more comfortable seat on the tented (but heated) patio than the one she just had. 

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