02 March, 2011

The Duchess Pays a Visit . . .

Arcana:  Books on the Arts

There is something very special about Arcana.  This independent bookstore, which specializes in rare and out-of-print books on 20th century art, design, architecture, and photography, represents the very best of that all-too-narrow stratum of the Los Angeles atmosphere -- the literary visionary one.  Housing over 100,000 titles, each carefully selected and cared for, Arcana provides a book-shopping experience like none other in our town.

A central display of varied titles.

It does so by editing its selection of books on display in its bright, cavernous Third Street Promenade location; it's impressively vast without becoming overwhelming.  Vintage schoolchildren desks, open bookshelves, and long draftsman tables allow for extensive browsing.  Arcana's well-educated and helpful staff makes locating the sought-after book effortless.

In short, art book lovers everywhere must either (1) pay a personal visit to Arcana or (2) contact them by e-mail or phone to help curate your personal collection of art books and collectible ephemera.  It's money and time well-spent. 

Two views on bookshelves.

Fashion books, tucked neatly (and humorously) away in a closet.

A close-up shot of Arcana's more unique offerings.
Vintage selections on the en vogue Memphis movement.

On the Duchess's Christmas wish list.

Preservation in progress

The blink or you just might miss it entrance sign.

1229 Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401 U.S.A.
email: sales@arcanabooks.com
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm & Sunday, 12pm-6pm
310.458.1499 (shop, general inquiries)
323.571.2131 (internet sales & Web questions)

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