10 March, 2011

The Duchess Recommends . . .

Glenn Ligon:  AMERICA
March 10-June5, 2011
at the Whitney

Today the Whitney opens the first mid-career retrospective of the work of Brooklyn-based artist Glenn Ligon, a conceptual artist whose work challenges conceptions of race and identity, primarily through the use of intertextuality.  Mr. Ligon is represented in Los Angeles by the venerable Regen Projects, and by Yvon Lambert in Paris.  If you won't make it to the Whitney in time, never to worry:  AMERICA lands at LACMA this fall. 

Ruckenfigur, 2009

Untitled (I Am a Man), 1988
Sun (Version 2) #1, 2001

Malcolm X (Version 1) #1, 2000

Mirror, 2002


  1. Very interesting! I see that you wrote about a dear friend of mine a while back who is also one of my beloved mentors, Gerrie Bremermann. Small world. I have an antique shop in New Orleans and just opened my showroom at the newly launched 1stdibs floor at the New York Design Center. If you happen to be in New Orleans or New York, let's have a 'tini together!

    From New Orleans,

    Karina Gentinetta

  2. Karina, you are keeping the Duchess up late with visits to your 1stdibs site! She will definitely be in touch for that 'tini, and you do the same if you are ever in California! xxo



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