29 March, 2011

The Duchess Shops . . .

For a wedding dress.

As you may or may not know, the Duchess is getting married (again).  The nuptial whirlwind is in full effect, and most of her planning is both stressful and non-productive (no, I'm sorry, the Duchess can't serve Beefeater Gin at the reception, thank you very much).  Luckily the wedding dress marathon ended, and quickly.  After dragging compatriots Lady Allyn and Lady Slater all over town (and in the case of the latter, literally) in search for the perfect off-white confection, it was found at Jobyna's Bridal in Glendale.

Jobyna's Bridal has two locations, one in Glendale at The Americana (dedicated to designer Ines di Santo) and one in Glendale in the nether regions of the San Gabriel mountains.  Take the 2 Freeway until it ends, head towards Pasadena, and exit at Verdugo Boulevard.  Wind your way around downtown Montrose and there it is, tucked away on the north side of the street.  Once inside, pick out as many gowns as you would like to try from the tiny store's swelling racks.  You won't be disappointed.  There is a nice range of prices and styles, and suffice it to say the Duchess left an extremely happy customer. 

No photographs allowed once inside, but here is a handful of designers carried by Jobyna's, many with upcoming trunk shows. 

Kenneth Pool

Ines di Santo



1 comment:

  1. my fav, of course, is #2 Ines di Santo.

    fabulous is that dress. the dutchess could carry any one of these looks. jason



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