10 April, 2011

The Duchess Anticipates . . .

Mr. C Beverly Hills
(opening this Spring)

The Duchess was, at first, very excited to hear about the opening of the new Mr. C hotel in Beverly Hills, a vein of the Cipriani Hotel group (though not to be confused with the Hotel Cipriani in Venice).  Then, she spotted the fine print -- located at 1224 Beverwil Drive.  Hmm, not Beverly Hills.  Still a very nice neighborhood, but not convenient to much except a couple of Ralph's.  Of course, since LA is a driving town, this may not matter much, but Mr. C may want to consider lowering its advertised nightly room rates considering its "Post Office"-esque locale.  Starting at $429 per night?  Honey, the Duchess'll take the Montage

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