02 May, 2011

The Duchess Desires . . .

This House in the Hollywood Hills

Presumably everyone who's anyone is all over the New York Times today, scouring that e-rag for news of yesterday's wild, courageous raid on bin Laden.  It's true.  So was the Duchess.  But her eyes did wander down to the Home & Garden section, where she encountered some massive Los Angeles real estate porn.

Purchased by techno-vegetarian Moby (new album release May 17) for about $4 million and then renovated for an additional $2 million, the Hollywood Hills castle once housed the likes of the Rolling Stones, and includes a guest house designed by John Lautner (left generally in tact).  This is the sort of palatial, fairy tale manse that brainwashes people into moving into the Hills in the first place.  Much better than that p.o.s. over in Abbottabad, no? 

Photographs by Trevor Tondro for the New York Times

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