04 May, 2011

The Duchess Muses . . .

On Palm Springs, and the Relative Merits and Demerits Thereof

After a particularly hellatious month (April is the cruellest, as they say), the Duchess was looking very forward to a few peaceful hours away from the glare of her PC and the tinny ringing of her office phone.  Thus she and the Senator grabbed a cocktail and some Volvo time (in that order, readers) and headed out on the semi-open road Friday evening for a stay at the Riviera Palm Springs.

As the Duchess is known for her ability to get down with the geriatric crowd, she is accustomed to the thwack of iron on golf ball and the rustle of palm trees against grey hair so prevalent at La Quinta Resort, in La Quinta (stone's throw past Indian Wells).  She's been there a few times before and loves its peaceful, soporific pace.  But this time, the Duchess threw caution to the wind and checked into the Riviera, sight unseen.  Mistake.

Without going into detail after detail about just how bad this hotel experience was (45 minutes to check in, no air conditioning, no ice bucket, no corkscrew, and Sugar Ray blaring on a boombox outside of our "suite"), let it suffice to say that within hours the Duchess and crew departed the Riviera for La Quinta.  Thank god. 

Riviera pool as advertised on Web site

Riviera pool in reality (wristbands required, wtf?)

La Quinta pool, ahhh

And a great big thanks to our dinner guest on Saturday night, fitness queen Denise Austin, who gifted the Duchess with her latest, "Hot Body Yoga".  The fact that she saw the Duchess in a swimsuit before said gifting is a bit unsettling, but still, much gratitude is in order.  Thanks Denise! 

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