07 June, 2011

The Duchess Celebrates . . .

It is a very big week for birthdays around here!  The Baroness, Lady Slater, and the first Duke (not to mention the Duchess herself) are all one year older and much, much better than before.  Happy birthday too to primitivist and post-impressionist Paul Gauguin, who would be 163 years young were he with us today.

Mountains in Tahiti

We Shall Not Go To Market Today

By The Sea

Gauguin, of course, is perhaps best known for his sumptuous, pure color paintings of the native women and surrounds of French Polynesia.  His work memorializes the type of beauty that Gauguin found seductive and mysterious (the classic other).  One need not travel to French Polynesia (though one certainly may want to), or haul it all the way over to the Malibu Country Mart, in order to contemplate contemporary standards of beauty.  The Annenberg Space for Photography's current exhibit, "Beauty CULTure", is a photographic odyssey that documents the modern expectations placed upon women's shoulders.  It features work by David LaChappelle and Terry Richardson, inter alia.  Highly recommended.

(c) Felicia Webb

(c) Vogue/Tyen

(c) Mile Aldridge

(c) Gilles Bensimon

(c) Dior/Tyen

The Annenberg Space for Photography
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Century City, California  90067
Now through November 27

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