01 July, 2011

The Duchess Wishes . . .

Everyone a very merry July 4th weekend.  This time last year the Duchess was headed off to Big Sur for some beach blanket birthday celebrations.  This year, she's headed to the Hollywood Bowl for some Hall & Oates picnic blanket birthday celebrations.  With the Baron and Baroness no less.  What could be more fun?

Perhaps this shit right here . . . only eight days away! 

Steely Dan, "Everything You Did" from The Royal Scam

In other news, happy July 1st to Novak Djokovic (our new #1 seed).  Though the Duchess was desperately wishing for you to lose to her new tennis heartthrob Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, in the end the JT couldn't overcome the ice cold focus and stamina of Novak (the grass seems to suit him).  All that's left to say now is, Go Rafa!

 And we learn that the most beautiful woman in the history of the world, Linda Evangelista*, goes to a different sort of court over child custody and support arrangements for her four year-old son with Francois-Henri Pinault.  M. Pinault also has a four year-old daughter, Valentina, by his wife of two years, Ms. Salma Hayek (no slouch in the beauty department herself).  Who says money can't buy everything?  Apparently, they're wrong.

*Fact.  Not opinion.

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