13 October, 2011

The Duchess At The Weekend (Almost) . . .

Vogue reports the opening of The Writers Room, a bar replacing the former cocktail lounge in the back of the legendary Musso & Frank's, that for the last 50+ years has been used as storage space for the neighboring Vogue Theater.  Night life "impresarios" (is there any other kind?) Nur Khan and Abdi Manavi, along with a few others, throw open the doors (to the public; industry insiders have had access to the space for some time) to the "Old Hollywood"-vibey joint this weekend.  Looks quite groovy, but the Duchess won't go.  Most certainly you'll have to go out onto Hollywood Boulevard to smoke, and then there's never enough white wine. 

Instead she'll just stay home and finish Alexandra Fuller's Cocktail Hour Under The Tree of Forgetfulness (Penguin), the story of Ms. Fuller's African childhood under the governance of her larger-than-life mother, Nicola Fuller.  Enjoying this one very much. 

And finally, she'll try to make it over to the big sale at Hollywood at Home's new La Cienega showroom (750 N. La Cienega).  It runs through this Saturday, each day from 11 am to 3 pm.  Probably the Duchess should simply stay away.  The very tight pre-wedding budget does not allow for glamorous furniture and accessory splurges.  (Here's hoping Mr. Dunham throws another discount party sometime early next year!)

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