11 October, 2011

The Duchess Enjoys a Spot of Tele . . .

"George Harrison:  Living In The Material World"

You'd have to be living under a rock for the last several months not to at least be aware of the newly released Martin Scorsese documentary about the life of the now late George Harrison.  Yes, yes--he needs no introduction, but the Duchess feels obliged to say it--"ex-Beatle."  Though the documentary does attempt to expand its view of Harrison's life beyond the decade+ he spent as the moodiest member of the Fab Four, it's hard to argue with the conclusion that that early and literally life-changing experience set the stage for the rest of his life (and for the final 2.5 hours of the Scorsese film).

Harrison's no saint, according to Scorsese (the women!  the drugs!  the rock and roll!), but at least he wasn't boring.  (He took up with the wives or partners of Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, and Ronnie Wood, to name a few.)  That would be a fate worse than death, the Duchess thinks.  So, raise your glass for George and catch "Material World" (surely on HBO OnDemand by now, but also playing at the Laemmle Sunset).  It's time well spent.

With Pattie Boyd (later Mrs. Eric Clapton)

Tea & Sympathy

With Pattie, both a little older and wiser

With Eric Clapton

With President Gerald Ford, and on the right, Ravi Shankar

Really loving this hair (his not hers)

All Things Must Pass

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