24 November, 2011

The Duchess Reads . . .

The November reading list is expansive but as always enjoyable.  May the Duchess recommend . . . .

"The Marriage Plot," Jeffrey Eugenides.  Completed and loved.  A light and entertaining read about a trio of college students, the literary Madeleine, the moody Leonard, and the mystical Mitchell, all of whom graduate and struggle to redefine themselves (and their relationships to one another) after donning their caps and gowns at Brown

"The Cat's Table," Michael Ondaatje.  Halfway through.  From the author of "The English Patient," an elegant story about a boy taking passage on a ship from Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) to England, where he will meet his mother whom he has not seen in years, and where he will complete his education.  Adventure through the eyes of a boy portrayed without sentimentality but with all the innocence of youth. 

"Blue Nights," Joan Didion (click link for a thought piece by Didion's late brother-in-law, Dominick Dunne).  Halfway through.  The Duchess was so looking forward to reading this that she even pre-ordered a copy from Amazon (rather than waiting to buy at Book Soup--she knows her mistake here).  This story, the author's memoir about her relationship to her adopted daughter who passed away suddenly as a young adult, is sadly failing to grasp the Duchess despite its poignant content. 

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