16 January, 2012

The Duchess Watches . . .

Globes, shmobes.  Last night's awards ceremony was pretty dull, and at least the Duchess got to fast forward through the slooooow parts.  (One benefit to not being an entertainment industry A-lister, unlike the Marchioness, is that the Duchess doesn't have to sit through these long awards shows.) 

Mostly disappointment arose because the Duchess was seriously rooting for the delightful movie Hugo, which got paid almost no respect (Scorsese did take home the Best Director award).  We'll get to Moneyball (also overlooked) later.    Another disappointment--the clothes!  Very few red carpet titillations. 

After some consideration the Duchess's top styling award goes to Nicole Kidman.  Her hair and body, as always, looked great, and the dress (by Atelier Versace) fit like a glove.  It was a nice use of glitz on a neutral base (an approach less well-executed on Salma Hayek's Gucci gown).  It looked modern and not super-stuffy like all the other massive gowns the actresses were wearing to sit there for a few hours and get drunk.  Kudos Nicole! 

The Duchess also liked considerably the ivory turtlenecked Givenchy worn by Jessica Chastain, because the Duchess loves her.  There may have been some fit and color problems here, but the Duchess doesn't really care.  

Normally the Duchess's favorite red carpet dresser is Emma Stone, but the Duchess was not loving this deep bordeaux Lanvin number, which many of the fashion police raved about.  Though the cut is totally divine this just seemed a bit severe for the young and fresh Ms. Stone.  A minty green with a gilded belt would have been a better colorway for her (just an opinion).  

And who can forget the memorable Jean Dujardin, who (deservedly) won Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for his turn as silent film star George Valentin in the very sweet The Artist.  He proves that you're never fully dressed without a smile!  Who cares what they're wearing on Main Street or Savile Row?  It's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe that matters.  Black tie notwithstanding his face said it all. 

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  1. Nicole Kidman was definitely a look that was "overlooked" but divine!



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