03 February, 2012

The Duchess Desires . . .

One wouldn't notice it here in Los Angeles (with the temperatures holding steady at a lovely 72 degrees), but elsewhere across the country (like back in the Duchess's home state, the sweet and dulcet Kentucky), people are starting to itch with their first cases of spring fever.  Yes, it's true:  if only to leave work when it isn't dark outside!  But those first few days of warm spring weather--nothing is quite as sweet.

Except, of course, a new wardrobe to go with it.  Now, since the Duchess is not in that elusive 1% (not yet anyway--stay tuned until after tonight's MegaMillons drawing), she is not in a position to go out and buy up beautiful things willy nilly.  So purchases must be planned carefully and thoughtfully, particularly indulgences.

But there is absolutely no need to restrain yourself from picking up one of these adorable clutches from Sharp Hill Designs.  The Duchess is so taken with them--wouldn't the Grace be perfect for an open air dinner out on the town, the Katie for a traditional Southern bridal shower, and the Bea for a Vineyard boat ride (throw it in a Ziploc just in case)?  The Duchess may just need one of each to start her spring wardrobe off right. 

The Grace (also comes in a darling red stripe)

The Katie

The Bea

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