13 February, 2012

The Duchess Hunts . . .

These days, a girl's handbag can be a really significant investment, what with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen charging over $5k for a consummately simple black leather tote.  The Duchess isn't sure (because Barneys doesn't say) whether or not this tote will do your taxes for you, or raise your children, or even simply keep house, which it surely must in order to warrant such an exorbitant outlay of dinero. 

And it seems that many of the mass market "luxury" handbag lines are inching closer and closer, across the board, to the over two- to four thousand price tag range.  With all due respect to and extreme jealousy of my sisters who are sporting these portmanteaux (Empresses, I'm talking to you), the Duchess believes there simply must be at least a small collection of not-insanely priced bags that still carry the cache of the ever elusive and tres tres chic (and now ubiquitous?) Luggage Tote

The Duchess casts her votes for a couple of newish bags on the horizon.  Phillip Lim's Pashli satchel is a couple of seasons old, but it is released each season in a new crop of colors.  It's Celine-esque in styling but not overly derivative, just enough to capture the freshness of that shape, and is not, I repeat, is not a tote.  Something different.  The Duchess prefers the painted croc-print one in grey, available through Saks.

Reese Witherspoon with her forest green Pashli

Classic black

There's also this gorgeous little bag from Reed Krakoff, the Mini Atlantique. Now available generally for pre-order (also through Saks, hence the poor image quality), may the Duchess suggest the Mini in this delish green.

Of course, nothing wrong with the (non-Mini) Atlantique, available in luscious espresso from Reed Krakoff online.  
Happy shopping, readers! 

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