24 February, 2012

The Duchess, Out and About . . . (Part I)

Last night was rather a fun night, as the Duchess (with Princess I. in tow) stopped in at a couple of the more fashionable spots in town for the de riguer pre-Oscar festivities.  First up, the lovely and serene Hollyhock, where the venerable Suzanne Rheinstein played hostess to Phoebe Howard ("Mrs. Howard"), in town to promote her new book, The Joy of Decorating.  Ms. Rheinstein had flown in ham biscuits from Tootsie Watkins in Pawleys Island, South Carolina; mint juleps (and a very nice sauvignon blanc, thank you very much) were served; and Mrs. Howard was ever the gracious Southern guest.  The Duchess pored over the book this morning, coffee in hand--here are some photographs of recent Mrs. Howard projects to whet your appetite for more.

We also paid a visit to Szalon where proprieter Judith Hoffman served rose champagne, foie gras flown in from Hungary, and chocolate-covered potato chips to her guests, who were there to take a "first look" at Patinas Lighting for Szalon's Revivals Line.  The event was co-hosted by Susan McFadden of California Homes and nicely done by The Culture Creative.

A look from inside Szalon (the "z" is silent)

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