09 May, 2012

The Duchess Admires . . .

Lulie Wallace

One of the joys of Pinterest is the exposure it provides to the ideas and inspirations of so many other people.  Today the Duchess took note when Katie Ridder mentioned the work of Charleston artist Lulie Wallace, and paid a visit to Lulie Wallace's site (where many of her works are for sale).  Lulie creates gorgeous flower paintings that are vivid and feminine but with an angularity that renders them modern.  Lulie also is happy to commission a work for you, and she mentioned that these days she is often asked to commission portraits of bridal bouquets.  This would be a memorable and lovely gift for a bride, a one-of-a-kind portrait of her bouquet from the big day.  The Duchess wishes she'd thought of this! 

Flowers for Abigail

Flowers for Lark

Flowers for Hailey

Flowers for Natalie

Flowers for Wimberly

Abstract No. 2

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