11 July, 2012

The Duchess Dines . . .

On Tuesday night the Duchess & Co. stopped by Laurel Hardware, the newest new restaurant at Laurel Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard in WeHo (so close to home!).  Once, as the name suggests, a hardware store serving the local population, the restaurant has been completely transformed:  there's a light and airy entry, with doors and windows opening to the street; a cozy bar area with nooks for private chit chat; a seating area by the bar that looks out onto the enclosed back garden.  It recalls the vibe of Soho House (but without the questionable admittance policies).  Though we didn't plough through the entire menu (drinks notwithstanding) we nibbled enough to know we'll be back, and soon.

Laurel Hardware
7984 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood

photographs by Alen Lin

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